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    Da Barn will attempt to knock out our QB

    in the first quarter even if they lose a player for targeting. Da Barn defies the rules to create opportunities to win in Athens.. IMO. 65
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    Do Red Panties = Red Football pants,

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    9 Penalties and poor O equals

    a Dawg loss. Running back U I dead! get usta it.. 65
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    Redclayhound's Early 2020 College Football Comments......

    UGA in real trouble in 2020. I see four or five losses and no bowel game.. 65. Kirby has let things slip.. 65
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    # 3 Oklahoma...

    # 3 and # 4 bite the dust. The Dawgs look like they got the Chinese Virus.. 65
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    Five and Ten, National, and other Hugh Acheson restaurants

    Hugh does not own The National. he does lean left. will continue to dine at 5&10. 65
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    Long Time Ago DAWG C was the man and now he has pasted away

    RIP old DAWG Friend.. 65
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    call'em into session Mitch

    Ain't gonna happen bro. The Senate can approve and quickly and dems cannot stop it. Poor dems got caught in their own trap. 65
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    call'em into session Mitch

    Sen. Cruz has said NO. so we shall see but President must move quickly. Many qualified but this shifts the real balance of power..65
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    The US Open Begins Tomorrow

    This should be one of the great golf events and I look forward to how those pros play those sand traps. I played the course back in the day and the number of traps per hole is ridiculous! 65
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    Coffee’s Ready....

    When, What, Where! 65
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    MadDawg Mathis says he will be on Arkansas like a roach

    Thanks Hammer! Trust you are well. From the dark side of the moon... 65
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    AD Will Not Accompany UGA Football Team to Arky

    McGarity will stay home and watch on TV. He will go to Jax to see his son and friends from UF.. 65 knows
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    I Sure Do Need A Cup Of Coffee.....Judge, Is Coffee Ready This Morning?.......

    From the Dark House Of Black Out I Approve This Post! Vote for 65!
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    Will It Be College Football?

    It appears Pro Football is over before it began with all the protests and signs of anger. It looks like it will filter over into college and then high school. Goodby.. 65
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    If redclayhound were to post an AOTD

    Yes, from the depths of the blackout dugout.. 65
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    AOTD = TJ Ducklo. •••

    Agree by 65! ?
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    I miss Judge .............

    Yes, Yes Yes! 65
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    Update: Something up at WH. Secret Service pulls Trump Baby

    Don't joke about serious matters. Shooting on the grounds of The White House is not funny! Grow up! 65
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    No President's Club Reception in 2020

    The major donors now begin to understand the implications of the China Virus and UGA.. 65