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    Which one of y’all??

    because he’s busy dancing and drinking tall necks .
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    Which one of y’all??

    That gotta be wayx
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    #BradLivesMatter - Body cam video Brad Parscale

    Perfectly fine to me . He did the right thing by coming out and the officer tried to calm the situation by calling him. on a side note, the blond let the towel slide down on purpose.
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    Think about this ..

    During someone lifetime , the average person experience 1.5 to 2 legitimate critical incidents . But the average officer with 20 years of service will experience 800 critical incidents. The public and lawyers wants the officer be perfect every time. I don’t know how many I was in . I try not to...
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    49 shot this weekend in Chicago...

    While I agree but I must ask you what do you do to try and help the situation?
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    The rock has been endorsed joe

    you need to know your role and sit down .
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    The rock has been endorsed joe

    for president. The dumb as a rock guy . Let the millions and millions know he’s dumb . He should have known his role and shut up.
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    I’m watching a very funny movie

    my side hurts
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    In case you were wondering.

    not watching
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    In case you were wondering.

    im trying to get over the emergency dental work done on Thursday. I could not wait until Monday. I haven’t watched any sports .
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    In case you were wondering.

    No football is on in my house . Ain’t watching it as promise . I can’t even tell you who playing
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    I wouldn’t say Obama and Biden gave a peaceful transfer

    of power . Nor have democrats accepted the results of the election. So why is everyone worry about Trump ? The democrats and media haven’t accepted the results in the last election. Are they going to accept 2020 results? Yeah only if it goes their way .
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    Question for legal eagles (contracts) sorry long

    sounds you saying he shouldn’t said anything and keep things as they were. That what I think to but now Mr Cocky done back himself into a corner . Lol
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    Question for legal eagles (contracts) sorry long

    Well sounds like you were being pushy and now they giving you , your getting you own medicine. contract work is for coaches and pro athletes. If you ain’t one of those then , just do your job . You fixing to burn your own butt with this non compete clause . how do you know they don’t have...
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    The Athens-Clarke Co. Police Department..

    Well if you don’t like how police are doing their jobs ; go put in a application and go through the process and move up the ranks . If not then shut up. It’s easy to talk than to do .
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    Tom Mars = Penn Wagers

    But CKS has given million to social justice . I’m not buying it
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    Democrats would be wise to tell the republicans

    they will give them anything they want with the stimulus package; in the exchange for not naming a justice until after the election. republicans should take the deal and then screw them over like they do law enforcement.
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    That medicine had me talking in tongues last night

    no but apparently talked about how pretty her eyes are and how smooth her skin is .
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    That medicine had me talking in tongues last night

    My blushing bride said she thought I was going to ask her to marry me again . She said I was tripping.
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    This pain medicine has me not caring

    I was just allowed another pill because I hit the four mark . Blushing bride said that was it for the night. She told me go to bed .