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    dem’s working the polls, poles

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    aoc vs the rock

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    Who is behind this?

    To start with, U can bet on Soros, Hollywooders, Oprah, the Lebrons and many many in pro sports, several big $ music industry figures, Obama/Clintonites along with 1000’s of socialists-Democrats directly or indirectly have all help fund the chaos from the and antifa rioting.
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    RIP Louisville

    I’ll add any race / ethnic group that is about, antifa or police haters
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    RIP Louisville

    The only person that should be charged is her boyfriend for getting her killed when he shot at the cops.
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    RIP Louisville

    No murder charge is justified...Brianna had a thug boyfriend. She was apparently in the wrong place at the wrong time...not so sure she’s miss innocent. The family should just take their unjustified 12m and leave.
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    The left is in full panic melt down

    I don’t trust mcclowsky and collins, but they came through the last time so we shall see. Romney hates Trump so who knows. Prior talk from Graham, grassley were acting dumb about the vote...maybe all will surprise me. I’m not sure if the arrows Pelosi has can hold up the vote. , but just the...
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    Biden will lose the election because of the debates ?

    Seriously doubt the debates change much in voters minds...hoping it’s because of what the American voters should already know...which are the stark differences in our political policies, spending, protecting the constitution, abiding by the law...along with getting the bat crazies (like...
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    Big 10 resumes on Oct. 24...

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    Spot on re: Big Ten

    Sounds like double talk imo...praises for doing the so called right thing then bashes for reversing stance
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    Why are so many retired senior military against Trump?

    While most want to support all military personnel in time of war, there’s still and has been a military swamp club...both sides of the fence, don’t fool yourself.
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    re the mutombo article

    deleted, mic only pIcked up every other word...
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    I love it when college students protest life

    100’s of millions new manf plants( ? )...I like the idea businesses / corporation providing skills that can provide jobs on par or better than college. Obviously there needs to be more ways of creating and or being educated vs our college system that has and is not getting the job done.
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    Coffee’s Ready....

    nothin’ like a good cup a coffee
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    Probably not news, but from an insider....

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    STORY On-campus tailgating curtailed

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    ADGM says athletic department expecting a budget shortfall..

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    NFL opening night ratings prove that people like the SJW signaling

    I quit them both until the politics get canned ( not that they care what I do)...ur right though ffb is big for them.
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    NFL Starts Tonight - Who Else Won't Be Watching?

    did not watch