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  1. Professor Dawghair

    How many of y’all have a iPhone 11 ?

    Not per se . It’s the track made by a hog when it walks. That’s just an old country saying about finding money that you didn’t expect. Maybe it’s not a popular saying ?
  2. Professor Dawghair

    How many of y’all have a iPhone 11 ?

    First Verison now iPhone 11 you find some money in a hog track ?
  3. Professor Dawghair

    Why are so many retired senior military against Trump?

    Everyone factors in self interest when voting and endorsing candidates. There is nothing wrong with that. For example I like prosperity and liberty; therefore I will be voting for Trump.
  4. Professor Dawghair

    Wut in the actual hell is he talking about?

    That would be a good ad. Just run a series of clips with no voice over or text. End with black screen with one word: “Really?” “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message.”
  5. Professor Dawghair

    So I got two bills from two different ER doctors

    Good out come OCD .
  6. Professor Dawghair

    Saints vow to highlight oppression

    This is a spot on observation... such hypocrisy.
  7. Professor Dawghair

    Dawg1980 - don't bother with any more Atlantic stories:

    A recent Atlantic op-ed makes the argument that Republicans should support Biden because people will riot and stuff if Trump is re-elected. “strictly law-and-order Republicans who have responded in dismay to scenes of rioting and looting have an interest in Biden winning—even if they could...
  8. Professor Dawghair

    There this single mother who lives in our

    Serious questions. OCD Do you think she is wanting something more than snake removal ? If you know what I mean.
  9. Professor Dawghair

    So I got two bills from two different ER doctors

    I hope you get a positive responds. Please keep us updated.
  10. Professor Dawghair

    With nfl teams avoiding our national anthem all together

    I checked out a long time ago. I DGAS about pro sports.
  11. Professor Dawghair

    Serious Q. Is there a bigger liar than Biden?

    He’s been lying for decades. Just ask the family of the truck driver who crashed into Biden’s first wife’s car when she pulled out into traffic. Tragic story.
  12. Professor Dawghair

    2nd peace prize

    Searched their site. No mention of it that I see. Same for the Mideast peace agreements. It never makes their top news headlines. But I’m sure it’s an oversight. They are busy after all!!
  13. Professor Dawghair

    2nd peace prize

    This was CNN’s top headlines online yesterday. Pretty balanced, right? I’ve read that CNN’s news is 95% anti-Trump, but I would challenge anyone to find a single CNN article that tells any story in a way that is favorable to the President.
  14. Professor Dawghair

    what's a good youtube rabbit hole to go down? I've worn out

    There is a whole whittling underground subculture. Rival whittle factions... real nasty stuff. Warning: you can’t go back once you see this stuff. This will get you started...
  15. Professor Dawghair

    Russian bounties, USPS, losers & suckers, Woodward tapes

    It will be a daily exercise.
  16. Professor Dawghair

    WOW, 10 killed in Chicago...

    True. Could this be the reason?
  17. Professor Dawghair

    Not something I ever expected RevAl Sharpton to say

    I could be completely wrong about this, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see the “peaceful protests” magically go away over the next few weeks. The ones organizing and funding these protests might just pull the plug as it becomes clear it is hurting Biden closer to the election. I could even...
  18. Professor Dawghair

    OBJ is trending on twitter

    Cleveland Steamer!
  19. Professor Dawghair

    Need a little Big Green Egg advice and Pellet grills

    I’m in the middle of a brisket cook in a RecTeq right now - 20 pound whole packer. Pics below are after 9 hour overnight cook. About to wrap in butcher paper and put it back on till done. Then 3 hour rest if I have the patience. I think the pellet smoker gives a nice level of smoke especially...
  20. Professor Dawghair

    Meanwhile in real news

    Let the man work his magic.