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    Ernest gotta change his shorts
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    Baked ham for Lou Brock*

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    Why do we need high capacity magazines?........

    you are correct. Happened at a student housing development on Macon Hwy. they repeatedly gave the guy a chance to our down the weapon. He backed the cops out of the complex and into the middle If Macon Hwy. happened near the Mamas Boy restaurant near The Falls shopping center
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    Graceland Defaced

    I’m telling you, when the bodies start stacking up in the streets, these little b!tches will run back to the basements they crawled out of.
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    CDC tells states: Be ready to distribute vaccines on Nov. 1

    We don’t need no stinking vaccines. The cure is coming Nov. 3rd
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    My wife has looked into the future and reports this-

    he won’t get elected by the people, but I’m afraid he is gonna steal it. Trump may very well have over 400 electoral votes. The most lopsided win in history. However, election won’t be settled Tuesday 11/3. In fact, we probably won’t know for a few weeks. You see, this entire thing has been...
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    My wife has looked into the future and reports this-

    been saying the same. If he wins, Dems will invoke the 25th amendment saying he is unfit for office. Better hope bad orange man gets 4 more years.
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    Open your browser and

    and type in it
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    Fred call me and said hey

    you may want to sit down with Fred and have a talk about money. Maybe bring along some of your Dave Ramsey books.
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    Fred call me and said hey

    Todd, this sounds suspicious to me. Has blush bride gotten any new lingerie lately? Any other new things that you didn’t buy her? I’m afraid Fred has spent the light bill money on blush bride.
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    Lol......well, bye

    Uh, yeah. It’s the same generals that play the globetrotters. My stance if real or not, fock em
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    It’s over Trump won this election

    You spelled PLANdemic wrong
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    Lol......well, bye
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    Harris just filleted Trump Baby. All facts and truth. Laid it out

    Of course the conviction rate jumped. She put thousands of African Americans in jail for small weed possession charges. Outstanding job. If she could get people to stop sh!tting on public sidewalks in SF, then I’d be really impressed.
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    PSA: Don’t attack armed people with skateboards

    the guy with a hole in his arm was a felon. He should be jailed for possessing a firearm
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    ND Who’s boycotting the NBA?

    What is this NBA you refer to?