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  1. JackRussellDawg

    If you are on your way to Destin ...

    Be sure to stop in Defuniak Springs and go to Ed’s Restaurant. Get the Pub Burger and Sour Cream & Onion Fries and Sweet Tea. Lawdy Mercy that’s good eatin!
  2. JackRussellDawg

    New uni's and they're LEGIT...

    Right straight up BLM’s arse
  3. JackRussellDawg

    Coffee’s Ready.....

    Them Bird Dawgs will flat out hunt!
  4. JackRussellDawg


    Read the detail of the Rasmussen polls methodology versus that of other polls and you will learn why Rasmussen is consistently more accurate than other pollsters promoted by the MSM.
  5. JackRussellDawg

  6. JackRussellDawg

    So I just got a text from single mom

    Best show this to your blushing bride.
  7. JackRussellDawg

    MadDawg Mathis says he will be on Arkansas like a roach

    Yes, but were the insiders referring to the same car wash? Hmmmmm
  8. JackRussellDawg

    I join the rich folks club

    He had to sell it. He was behind the eight ball. My apologies. I’m late to the party and playing catch up.
  9. JackRussellDawg

    What? No Russian bounties paid to Taliban for US troops?

    I think Ole Mustang Sally is blowing up Mobile Bay right about now.
  10. JackRussellDawg

    Jungle Pam Hardy

    We loved to watch her strut ...
  11. JackRussellDawg

    ND Just saw Manning funding HBCUs

    Mono, I see your bourbon post, and raise you a multiple beerz post. I don’t know what any of your initials means, so I shall venture some WAGS (wild ass guesses). HBCU is a home bound care unit, but you can’t have a HOCUS without a POCUS. And yes, we can probably all benefit from an AA meeting.
  12. JackRussellDawg

    Good Morning! This is not a joke...

    Is one of them gals named Aria?
  13. JackRussellDawg

    Breaking: Gender Non-Conforming gets 4 periods in month after getting tear gassed...........

    Excuse me mam, I ain’t no groinacologist, but I do know wummins plumbin, so I’m willin to take a look.
  14. JackRussellDawg

    Fire today at UF football stadium

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  15. JackRussellDawg

    So I got two bills from two different ER doctors

    Wait until you get the bill from the radiologist who read your X-ray three days after the other folks read the X-ray and said you had a kidney stone. It ain’t official until the radiologist reads it, even though you were already being treated for what the other folks found on the X-ray.
  16. JackRussellDawg

    Good Morning! This is not a joke...

    A Transexual, a Satanist, and an Anarchist all run for county sheriff at the same time...
  17. JackRussellDawg

    Breaking: Gender Non-Conforming gets 4 periods in month after getting tear gassed...........

    I hate to say it, but I’m glad my dear old Daddy ain’t around to see this bloody mess.
  18. JackRussellDawg

    Old Man McDonald getting testy during lockdown........

    I’d rather play hide the salami with my wife instead.
  19. JackRussellDawg

    AOTD = TJ Ducklo. •••

    That little smart ass prick needs his ass beat right proper like yesterday.
  20. JackRussellDawg

    ND COVID Loss of Taste

    Ever time I go down to the Walmartz, I notice that based on what all everbody is a wearin, they have all lost their sense of taste.