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    The red britches

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    A Dem that gets it

    Opposes ballot harvesting but not mail-in voting. Courage.
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    So Cal just got a reminder

    They'll find a way to blame Trump.
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    More C-19 fraud

    Fauci exaggerated the threat to Trump. Pac-12 Commissioners were lied to by their own medical advisors. Tennessee overcounts cases by 13,800 There's nothing inadvertent here. It couldn't be more intentional. "inadvertently inflating the size of the outbreak for months"
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    ND I havn't seen this much natural talent come along since Stevie Ray Vaughn.

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    Are you getting the COVID-19 shot , when

    Pass. I’m not in a high risk group, no comorbidity and the threat is waning. Plus, the people advocating it are the ones that said covid would kill us all. Zero credibility with me.
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    PAC 12 presented false data before canceling season

    The Pac-12 COVID-19 Medical Advisory Committee misled their own conference. Like when Fauci deceived the president into shutting down the economy by exaggerating the threat. The ends always justify the means. These people are incapable of honesty.
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    Swamp moving the covid goalposts

    Fauci called for a vaccine from the start and one might be available soon. But last week Kamala said she wouldn’t trust it and yesterday the CDC director said masks are more effective. They wanted a vaccine and now they're undermining it. swamp politics > following the science...
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    New Scholarship Offer Told Dawgs offer eighth-grader from Savannah Christian...

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    Wood you?

    If Antifa was anti-fat, women couldn't attend their protests
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    I waved goodbye and

    Love seeing all the power company convoys going to help. Those guys work their balls off. Asplundh does a great job too and they get on the scene fast.
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    Tip of the iceberg.
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    Thought I was going to witness a police shooting

    Saw something similar in a hospital parking lot of all places. Cop was shouting instructions and had a shotgun to the head of guy in a car. Backup help arrived in minutes and they got him cuffed. Have no idea what he did but it got the attention of a really serious police officer.
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    Coffee’s Ready....

    Australians love coffee in the bush.
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    Coffee’s Ready........

    Quarantine in Wuhan.
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    Joe and the Trump Train

    Here ya go
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    Joe and the Trump Train

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    I Sure Do Need A Cup Of Coffee.....Judge, Is Coffee Ready This Morning?.......

    I'm here to help........ The 18 Best Sex Positions For Doing It On The Couch
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    This is what happens when you make police the enemy

    Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Donald Trump for Reelection