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  1. Zonadog

    So Cal just got a reminder

    that there are even worse things than Gavin Newsom, idiotic policies, poop in the streets, bubonic plague, riots and wildfires out there waiting for them.
  2. Zonadog

    You can bet we're gonna see stories from the NYT . . .

    How ironic that a presidential candidate would seek to "honor the legacy" of Justice Ginsburg by announcing that he would choose her replacement "On The Basis of Sex" and race, if given the chance.
  3. Zonadog

    Trump worst jobs President in modern history

    Then the clear choice for you is to vote Trump and do your part to keep the segregationist/racist out of office. Lets continue the record setting employment growth for blacks, hispanics, muslims and women, and the lowest unemployment numbers in US history (pre Covid). Black owned businesses...
  4. Zonadog

    Trump worst jobs President in modern history

    No I did not question their motive. The motives were clearly explained in each article. Let me simplify this a little further. If I call you racist, that is not proof that you are racist. I gave specific examples, directly attributable to Biden. I told you the threshold I used to include each...
  5. Zonadog

    sad pug...

    Sha Na Na went onstage first thing in the morning and provided a wake up call to Woodstock. "I got one t'ing to say to all youz hippies. Rock and roll is here to stay!"
  6. Zonadog

    Trump worst jobs President in modern history

    All you managed to do was post three more unfounded accusations. All three of those articles merely cite people with a vested interest accusing the President of being racist, or interpreting an action as racist, rather than any direct evidence or verified quote. Opposing someone politically is...
  7. Zonadog

    Boy, Biden still can’t complete a thought.....

    Here's the complete script from Biden's "Town Hall" meeting. Pre-Selected Democrat: Orange man is bad. He is so bad. Mr. Vice President, if you are elected, will you do bad? Joe Biden: Well, you know, here's the thing, that he could probably, you know, one of those department store dummies...
  8. Zonadog

    Trump worst jobs President in modern history

    Please enlighten us with details of this racism of which you speak? What racist things has he done as president? What racist decisions did he make? Perhaps you are confusing the president with the racist former vice president. You know, the one who didn't want his kids going to school in a...
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    sad pug...

    2nd Act not to be confused with Doo Wa Ditty by Roger Troutman and Zapp
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    Old Glory

  11. Zonadog

    PAC 12 presented false data before canceling season

    Newsom just lifted the restrictions that would have prevented the Cal schools from playing. With the conference's lackadaisical approach, I wouldn't expect them to play a game until the end of October.
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    Has “msm” even mentioned Nashville

    Then you might have missed the question from this "uncommitted voter"
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    Joe's greatest hits, enjoy!!

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    Truer Words Never Spoken

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    There's something happening here

    Just in case you're having trouble keeping up West Coast Arson Collection
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    There's something happening here

  18. Zonadog

    As you are fear mongered with climate change

    Do you think Mother Nature started 58 wildfires on one day in one state - Monday, September 8th?
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    COVID coverup in Nashville

    Well its been going on from a lot of folks this whole time. Governors made bad decisions that cost people their lives while ignoring federal direction. Local officials have used this excuse to promote personal agendas. University presidents have used this excuse to promote personal agendas...