9 Penalties and poor O equals


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Dec 27, 2019
We went against a Darn good DC who has given The Dawgs much trouble during His time at Missouri.Give their D some props for they played great until their lack of depth caught up with them.1-0 Dawgs!!!
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Jun 10, 2004
Zeus will, with better blocking and play calls, get better as the season rolls along. We cannot continue to call delayed handoffs up the middle 75% of the time. Bennett opened up the running game and even hit Zeus with a nice pass. People can whine about Bennett being small, but the fact is that he came in and looked like the clear cut starter. And by Kirby's own words, he has barely had any reps in camp. Someone criticized him deep ball touch. Well he barely overshot Pickens down the right side and he laid one in perfectly to Burton in the left side of the endzone, but unfortunately Burton was barely out of bounds. He impressed the hell out of me, not to even mention his quickness, dude can run!
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