Here is the problem underlying the NC State travesty...


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May 29, 2001
It is this continued belief that COVID only affected/affects your life because of something I supposedly refuse to do (or something an NCAA athlete refuses to do).

To an appreciable degree, that is provable horses---.

Sometimes there is literally nothing that can done, no matter how bad you want to find a villain.

When a virus hits there will be sickness and death, and to a degree you will simply have to be mentally tough enough to deal with it without making it worse by engaging in damaging wishful thinking or scapegoating (except in this instance the likely villain China has been defended by the establishment while common folks like us and the NC State players get far more condemnation from the media).

Read this article. Really consider it. COVID has always been serious for a narrow segment of the population (something even Fauci admitted before he started flailing around) but was not and still is not a threat to the NC State players or any other NCAA athletes. Lockdowns / school closures / contact tracing / masking, etc have all been based on the largely false premise that the virus was only spreading because you, me or the NC State baseball players just weren't doing our part enough.

It is time to toughen the F up and stop this amateurish "thinking" on COVID (and a lot of other issues) so we stop the pointless costs we keep inflicting on the innocent NC State players of the world.

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Aug 8, 2002
When I shake my head at the US situation I can always look to Australia and feel much better.


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