I really, really miss my friend. This is certainly a lesson for all of us

Scott Ashton

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Feb 9, 2011
Someone else said it earlier, but with Graeme it has never been so true - You don't know what you got until it's gone.
Did he annoy at times, Yes. Create Drama, Yes. Go off the deep end, Yes. But we all do, Graeme just did it in a public way because he shared his life with all of us. We knew the good, the bad, and the ugly of Graeme Turnbull. We loved him for it, and some thought they loathed him for it. But even the "haters" now realize that he was the genuine article. No BS, no trying to fit in or step with the crowd. He was his own man, and while he wanted to be loved and respected, his passion for his "passions" always showed through.
I just want to call him right now and do what we always did, just BS about everything - especially the Dawgs - him telling me all the "locks" we have already for 2012, me bashing Richt, him listing out the two deep for 2013, me making an excuse to get off the phone after 45 minutes....just everyday with Graeme was different and exciting. I just can't get over this. Tomorrow night will be difficult, as it seems every day is going to be for a while. We were supposed to grab dinner Thursday night, instead I will be going to his funeral.

What an impact he had on all of us, yet we didn't even know it until he's gone. Thanks again UGASports Staff for all you are doing - it truly is a shame it takes this for Graeme to receive the "love" he always wanted from the vent. But such is life, and it's great to see that his memory lives on in all of us, and especially here on the vent which was such a big part of his life. He was a dedicated and loyal friend, and truly was the greatest dawgventer of all time - the straw that stirred the vent drink. As trivial as that seems right now, I know it would make him proud and happy, and thats how we should remember him. He left this world happy, and proud to be a DAWG.
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