News media going batty over Josh Duggar


Silent Majority
May 16, 2013
With pretty much no in depth understanding of what went on, they're trotting out victims advocate after victims advocate to pronounce these people unfit parents

I suppose that's bound to happen with the overtly religious
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Dawg to the Bone

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May 29, 2001
It is a ridiculous witch hunt. A kid fondles his siblings. The parents talk to him about it first and then when it happens again send him to counseling. Unless, there is a rape or some aggravated assault offense I can't see a normal parent calling the police to handle the situation. Yet, that is what all these media experts people are claiming should have happened, even in a state with no reporting requirements.

On top of that how were these juvenile records released? If they had been truly sealed he could go on with his life. Isn't that the reason for sealing juvenile records? Why is the media so willing to run with these "sealed" records? Would they do the same to a rape victim'so records?

I guess if Josh Duggar was a great kid like Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown, the media might be more supportive.

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