Trump Assassination Attempt

Same doctor on msnbc, who was appalled anyone could question the health of Biden pre debate is questioning a report. Same quack. Msnbc is an embarrassment. Every pundit there is completely batshit crazy. CNN has actually tried to at least find some facts here and there. The pundits at msnbc are competing to see who can take a situation and make the worst take possible on it. I watch other stations from different viewpoints. Especially during a time like this. I have never seen anything like it. They are a parody.

Now the same idiot media members are talking about the fallen supporter’s name misspelled on his jacket. Which was sent by his firehouse. And had been that way from the beginning. Just more out of context bs. It never ends.

Trump Assassination Attempt

You do that. You compare Biden to Nazis and Hitler and communists. You do that.
You also say he is a threat to democracy.

Trump is a threat to democracy. He absolutely is. That didn't change because someone tried to kill him. I'm glad the guy wasn't successful. But that doesn't change what Trump has done.

Again, are we saying you can't criticize a politician now because someone may kill them?
You are seriously one sick stupid MF. Honestly embarrassed any Uga fan is this delusional.

Trump Assassination Attempt

He follows the authoritarian playbook. Attacks and wants to limit the media. Seeks to rid the government of career civil service workers so he can install loyalists. Trumpets law and order to justify actions curbing civil liberties and freedom generally (without any irony for his own spotty criminal history). And challenges the legitimacy of courts, prosecutions, as well as our free elections. He is pretty damn transparent. He may now have the room to really run. I assume you will enjoy it… until you don’t, but by then it will be too late.
You just described Joe. That is your liberal playbook. I hope republicans stomp the shit out of Dems in the election. Then hopefully even hopeless cases of TDS like you will see what it’s like to have a great leader. You are seriously brainwashed!

Trump Assassination Attempt

As do Joe Biden, Barak Hussein Obama (the great divider) and Merrick Garland,(do your fkn job)
Darkest of days!
All the “THREAT TO DEMOCRACY” Bull shit!

And a one sided politicized Justice System consequences for one side (Antifa, BLM, Biden Family) and punish and demonize another!
A country out of total control under this phycho administration!
Amen! They can’t get out of office soon enough! Just praying we can survive until an adult with a functional brain and common sense takes control again

Trump Assassination Attempt

Authoritarian... Please explain. Authoritarians generally aren't deregulators. Authoritarians are more likely to limit speech, confiscate weapons and mandate certain behaviors.
And ignore our constitution (ie student loan forgiveness for one) and keep doing it even though the Supreme Court says it’s not within your power. Throw your competition in jail and persecute him his family and everyone that worked with him.

If I said publicly that Kamala Harris was a threat to the future of the country…

and that she must be stopped. And then I said it’s “time to put a bullseye on her”.

And then she was shot in the face a week later… do you think the media would just be skipping over it?

Because that’s what Biden did to Trump and only Lester Holt asks him about it and it was barely asking.

Trump Assassination Attempt

I think it’s high time that Republicans realize that the Democrats are at war with Republicans. Kind of like when Bin Laden said they were at war with the US and we all laughed at best. Years later they killed numerous Americans and brought down the Twin Towers. We then as Americans realized they were serious and responded.
The Dems are at war with American people who aren’t liberal. Read Mark Levin book the Democrat party hates America.
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Congrats to Brittany Griner, proud new dad,

Said she is now “pops”. I’d like to have been a fly on the wall during the conception so that I can have a better understanding.
Should have let Russia keep her! Why the hell didn’t we get back that man who had been there for years instead. Trump would have gotten them all back and they wouldn’t be illegally arresting our citizens (or invading Ukraine)

UF President Ben Sasse

Why would he resign for seizures? If new onset in someone her age may be a brain tumor. He has been an excellent president at UF. Hate to hear he’s resigning. I know he was in the senate but if they aren’t Medicare age will be difficult to get insurance. He might want to work to keep health insurance! I’m sure he could have time off with family leave act.