X Factor to win NC

Our Running Back Room will be the difference

- Etienne is elite - will completely change how people defend us
- Branson Robinson coming back is huge, Chubb clone just needs to get healthy
- Roderick Robinson will salt away games and wear opponents out
- Nate Frazier - next great thing since Swift, a similarly sized more explosive version of Etienne
- Dwight Phillips - lightning fast, James Cook type of back
- Chauncey Bowens - solid SEC back could develop into another Milton

Isaiah Gibson..

Unfortunately I can’t post because the tweets came from elsewhere but there are some clips out there of Gibson at a practice yesterday and I all can say he is a DUDE.

I know all of the focus has been on closing on Griffin and Terry in-state (which rightfully so) but I don’t think there has been enough talk about how big landing Gibson was. He is freaky with almost an 85 inch wingspan and absolutely violent hands. I think he is a top 10-15 player in the country by the end of the cycle. ELITE upside..

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